3-Pack Mighty ‘Mato Cream-of-the Crop Collection

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NOTE: Your grafted Mighty ‘Mato plants are shipped in 2″ plantable pots. Please note in the drop-down box at time of order, which ship date is preferred.

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Three different gourmet tomato plants from the AP Whaley ‘Cream of the Crop’ series will provide a feast for tomato lovers. This premier collection offers three of the best , including two recent AAS Winners! You get one plant each of: supersweet Prairie Fire tomatoes, Red Torch and Sparky.

Prairie Fire – If you like sweet tomatoes, this one’s for you. This kid magnet tied for first in 2017 taste tests, and had a Brix score of 10.0 – highest in the trial. Long skinny sepals on a red elongated, pointed grape-shaped fruit. Fruiting is early on a compact semi-determinate vine. Fruits measure 1″ across and 3″ long. Indeterminate, 60-70 days from transplant.

Red Torch – This is a very prolific early season hybrid. Consistently scored the highest in taste tests. The combination of excellent flavor, great fruit texture, and high yield of usable fruits per plant makes this hybrid better than any other variety for the striped fruit niche market. Oblong fruits are 2″ long and weigh about 1.5 ounces. Fruit are borne on indeterminate vines and ripen 60-70 days from transplant. National All-American Selections winner in 2019

Sparky – Early to mature, prolific and very flavorful, Sparky XSL is one of the few X-tended Shelf Life (XSL) cherry tomatoes available to home gardeners.  Average Brix score of 8.5. Round 1.25″ fruits. Indeterminate, 60-70 days from transplant. Regional All-American Selections Winner in 2019.


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