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Multi Use Garden Gaiters® Deadheading Tote Bag

Bottom opening Garden Gaiters® Deadheading Tote Bag.  Do your deadheading, pruning, trimming, fruit picking or carrying cut flowers with the convenience of having all your hand tools and accessories handy.  The high quality Garden Gaiters® Deadheading Tote is made with multilayers of rugged water resistant material to stand up to abuse by thorns, branches and dirt. The Deadheading Tote has pockets and clips on both sides and the front to carry all your accessories including tools, gloves, Garden Gaiters Armwear, cell phone, water & spray bottles.

Bottom Opening
The bottom easily opens to dump your trimmings without the fear of dropping your tools. The Garden Gaiters® Deadheading Tote holds an amazing amount of clippings or up to 30 pounds of fruit or vegetables. If you prefer, 8 to 13 gallon bags can be inserted to hold your produce.

Shoulder Strap
The Tote can be carried over the shoulder with its included strap or by the handle. It stands up on its own and can be folded flat for storage and hung up by the handle. It is easily washed with soap and water.

Easy to Use
Just hold the tote over the trash container, undo either side buckle and pull down on the lower rear handle to open the bottom.  After debris removal, just press the lower hook & loop together and reattach the side buckle. When storing flat just fold in at the creases on the sides and attach the hook & loop at the top of the tote.  Undo both buckles, separate the lower hook & loop by sliding the rear panel until it is against the front panel.  Fold up the bottom and attach the buckles around the front panel.

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