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HB-101 is a liquid growth-enhancing formula for plants, specially processed by blending the extracts of Japanese cedars, pines, cypress trees and plantain grass. Cedars, pines and cypresses contain saps and secondary metabolites that are responsible for maintaining the longevity and health of the trees.

Plantain grass has a history of recorded use as an herbal remedy. HB-101 plant vitalizer is a natural extract derived from the portion of these trees and plants that are most important to their development. HB-101 is a growth enhancer for plants, flowers and crop production and is not a chemical fertilizer. HB-101 is a 100-percent organic product–safe for plants and animals–and is designed to benefit the earth’s environment while reducing the demand for costly fertilizers. HB-101 is formulated and bottled in a ready-to-dilute solution for easy and immediate use. Highly concentrated, it’s a cost-efficient way to achieve healthier and more vibrant plants. HB-101 is OMRI-listed, which means that the Organic Materials Review Institute includes HB-101 on its list of crop management tools for certified organic production. Use it to enhance the growth of bulb plants and root crops, flowers, legumes, fruit plants, vegetables, potted plants, Bonsai, trees and lawns.

  • Japan’s No.1 natural plant vitalizer for bulb plants, root crops, flowers, legumes, fruit plants, trees, vegetables, potted plants, Bonsai and lawns
  • OMRI-listed: Organic Materials Review Institute lists HB-101 for use in certified organic production
  • Made 100 percent from plant extracts of long-lived cedar, cypress and pine trees and plantain grass
  • Developed from 400 years of forestry knowledge and experience using natural methods to heal and improve sick and weak trees
  • Cost efficient highly concentrated, ready-to-dilute formula; choose from 50 ml, 100 ml or 500 ml sizes.


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