Single Graft – Candyland Red Currant Tomato Plant


NOTE: Your grafted Mighty ‘Mato plants are shipped in 2″ plantable pots (as pictured on the right). Minimum order is any combination of three vegetable plants. Please note in the drop-down box at time of order, which ship month is preferred.

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Tomato Candyland Red is the only AAS award winning currant-type tomato. Currant tomatoes are smaller in size than cherry-type and are ready to “pop” in your mouth straight from the garden. Gardeners will appreciate the dark red, sweet flavored fruit that can be enjoyed throughout the season. The tomato plant itself has a nice tidier habit than other currant-type plants with the fruit tending to form on the outside of the plant making them easier to harvest.

Very small, sweet fruit detach from the plant easily with minimal splitting or tearing of skin. Very high yields of useable fruit develop on exposed trusses, making fruit easy to find on the plant. Fast harvest of single fruit or clip entire truss for beautiful fruit presentation. Indeterminate. Full sun. 55-60 days.

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