A Modern-Day Dinosaur

The Wollemi pine tree grows a towering 130 feet and was not discovered until 1994. It existed during the days of the dinosaurs and is considered one of the oldest and rarest plants on earth. There are only about 100 of these ancient wonders surviving in the wild. Fortunately the Wollemi has been successfully propagated and is relatively easy to grow and to maintain because it adapts to full sun or semi-shade conditions as well as temperature ranges from 10 degrees F. to 113 degrees F. (USDA Zones 7-11). Because of its flexible stems, branches and leaves, it withstands high winds. The textured bark resembles dark, bubbling chocolate and the pendulous foliage has fresh apple-green young tips in spring and early summer that contrast with the older, deep-green foliage. Use as a garden or landscape tree or as an indoor/outdoor container plant. When grown as an indoor plant, recent research indicates that the Wollemi is one of the most effective air pollution cleaners. Ensure the survival of this ancient treasure by planting one for the garden or home. GardenLife members can go to www.ancientpine.com and enter the code 09 for a 10% discount.