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About Us

Garden America is a leader in the garden advice industry, sharing scientific breakthroughs and new gardening ideas. Tune in Saturday and Sunday mornings for the radio show with your hosts Bryan Main, John Bagnasco and Tiger palafox.

Bryan Main

With a 40-year career in broadcast (both radio and TV), Bryan Main is the production coordinator for iHeartRadio in San Diego, overseeing the day-to-day operation of seven radio stations. Graduating from Northern Arizona University, Bryan began his work as a DJ for KAFF & KFGL radio in Flagstaff before moving back to San Diego to work as a radio personality for KSON & KYXY. San Diego sports fans may recognize Bryan’s voice—he is the Public Address announcer for San Diego State’s football and basketball teams, has announced the Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl for years, and has also worked as the backup PA announcer for the San Diego Chargers. During the week, Bryan does voice-overs and production work for local commercial radio and television networks. Bryan currently lives in San Diego with his wife Dayna, also a radio business veteran.

John Bagnasco

John Bagnasco has been in the gardening industry for over 50 years, starting with a horticulture degree from Michigan State University and followed by a stint at Frank’s Nursery and Crafts in Detroit. After publishing his first book “Plants for the Home Vol. I” in 1976, he moved to California to become regional manager and buyer for the Nurseryland division of Sunbelt Nursery Group. He then became the head buyer for Armstrong Garden Centers based in Glendora, California.  John had a part-time affiliation with Creative Promotions for ten years before joining them full-time in October 2000 as a senior editor and radio personality for Garden Compass.  John has also taught horticulture classes at Palomar College and San Diego State University. He is the host of the DVD “The Essential Guide to Roses,” which also features Bryan Main and Bruce and Sharon Asakawa. His most recent book is Planting Designs for Cacti and Succulents.

Tiger Palafox

Tiger Palafox has grown up with a trowel in one hand and a hose in the other. From the age of 5 he has been running around his family’s nursery, Mission Hills Nursery, in San Diego. He has always had a passion for outdoors: hiking, swimming, surfing, snowboarding and of course gardening. Tiger has been on gardening shows for HGTV, TLC and other networks. He host and produces a local television segment named ECO Revolution that focuses on “Green” products, events, people or businesses. Tiger specializes in irrigation systems and creating edible landscapes. Growing up in San Diego he developed a passion for fruit trees and edible plants. He enjoys passing his knowledge to his daughter and son, hoping one day they will have the same love for being outside and enjoying their yard. Tiger is always looking for the fun new plants and products that drive our industry and keep gardening fresh.

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