Camellia Care

Camellia Care Camellia flower buds form during late autumn-early winter. Fertilize with an acid food AFTER the flowers are spent because during bud and bloom cycles, camellia plants are dormant. If buds fail to open or fall off prematurely...

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Christmas Amaryllis

Christmas Amaryllis Although marketed in the winter months as Amaryllis, these plants with the spectacular clusters of trumpet-shaped blooms really belong to the genus Hippeastrum from South America. The bulbs have been forced to bloom at winter, but their...

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It’s The Berries for Birds

It’s The Berries for Birds Encourage birds and help sustain them during the lean winter months by planting trees and shrubs that bear berries, such as the following favorites: Barberry Cotoneaster Crab Apple Elder Firethorn Gumi Plant Hawthorne Holly...

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Winter Thermals for Plants

Winter Thermals for Plants Keep Jack Frost from nipping at our plants causing damage or worst-case scenario, death. Sometimes just a few extra degrees of protection can provide extra thermal protection for cold-sensitive plants. If plants are in easily-transported...

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Poinsettia Care Tips

Poinsettia Care Unlike years past, poinsettias are no longer throw-away plants after the holidays. If watered regularly (remove from the decorative cover pot and allow water to drain out, do not let the plant sit in water) and kept...

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