Cinnamon is often used as a homemade rooting hormone.

Cinnamon: Photo by Rens D on Unsplash

It is a natural substitute for synthetic rooting stimulants for cuttings.

When applied to the stem of a plant, while planting a cutting, the cinnamon powder will stimulate root development in almost all plant species and you only need to apply cinnamon rooting hormone once. Place a spoonful of cinnamon on a paper towel. Fold the towel and shake gently to distribute the powder evenly. Moisten the end of the cutting and then wrap with a paper towel. Plant the cuttings in a pot of potting soil and care as usual. However, rooting will happen faster.

Cinnamon is an excellent and proven remedy for plant wounds it can which accelerate healing. In addition, it will protect the plants from further damage. This spice can be used not only for the treatment of mature plants but also for seedlings. It often happens that various diseases appear on seeds or seedlings, which can cause their death. For prevention, simply sprinkle cinnamon powder on the soil. Uses of cinnamon powder are also a great method for dealing with small gnats, which appear near the seedling trays.