deer did you know
Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash

Deer are beautiful creatures with over 100 types found all over the world.

The most common type of deer in North America is the Whitetail deer. Deer also have a great sense of smell, which helps them detect predators and other deer from very far away. They are capable of running up to forty miles per hour, can jump incredibly high (up to ten feet), and are also excellent swimmers. They are exclusively herbivores and eat only plants like grass, stems, leaves, herbs, wild fruit, berries, mushrooms, as well as crops like corn and soy beans. Deer are like people, and what works to deter one deer may not work on others. A fence is the best deterrent, but make sure it is at least eight feet high and does not have gaps larger than six inches. Another method is to string fishing line around plants about three feet above the ground which will confuse deer and ultimately deters them. Sometimes it is effective to impair their sense of smell by tying strips of fabric softener, bars of soap or sachets of Milorganite around your garden. Using human hair, rotten eggs, and garlic can also work. Another solution is motion activated sprinklers or lights, which will scare deer off when set off.