‘Sunshine Blue’ is an evergreen, Southern Highbush blueberry that thrives in a wide range of temperatures, USDA Zones 5-10. Instead of the usual white blossoms, Sunshine Blue bears massive pink flowers along its branches in spring, followed by a bumper crop of sweet, dime-sized berries (5-10 pounds per plant). The plant itself remains a compact 3-4 ft. tall and as wide making it perfect for containers as well as in-ground plantings. In autumn, the foliage transforms from silvery-green to brilliant reddish-purple. Typical of its Southern Highbush cousins, it requires only 150 chill hours making it an ideal choice for mild-winter regions, but also adapts to frostier climates. Plant this wonderful edible ornamental in full sun with well-draining, slightly acidic soil.