BRINE RECIPE FOR TURKEY On this weekend’s GardenLife radio show (November 19 and 20, 2011) we talked about a recipe for brined turkey using juniper berries. Here it is and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving: This recipe works...

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STRAWBERRY-MARMALADE SALAD On this weekend’s GardenLife radio show (May 13, 2012) we talked with Sunset Magazine food editor Margo True about a simple, but beautiful and delicious salad recipe . Compliments of Margo and from the recently released, “Sunset...

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CHARD-STEM GRATIN From the Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook, the following recipe serves 4 and is a waste-not and delicious use of those chard stems you would normally throw away. INGREDIENTS: 1 tbsp salt Stems from about 2 bunches Swiss...

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CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES So easy to make, but so delicious! INGREDIENTS: 6 ounces semisweet chocolate chips (I use Guittard or Ghiradelli chocolate) 1 pound organic strawberries with stems (use toothpicks or a fondue fork to dip the strawberries in...

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Camellia Care

Camellia Care Camellia flower buds form during late autumn-early winter. Fertilize with an acid food AFTER the flowers are spent because during bud and bloom cycles, camellia plants are dormant. If buds fail to open or fall off prematurely...

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Christmas Amaryllis

Christmas Amaryllis Although marketed in the winter months as Amaryllis, these plants with the spectacular clusters of trumpet-shaped blooms really belong to the genus Hippeastrum from South America. The bulbs have been forced to bloom at winter, but their...

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