Recently released to the citrus industry, Gold Nugget Mandarin is quickly becoming a leading variety among home fruit gardeners.

by Tom Spellman

Gold Nugget is consistently seedless even in mixed plantings with pummelos, oranges and other mandarins. It has a bright orange peal with a juicy interior flesh that is rich and sweet. .

Gold Nugget’s claim to fame may very well be its ripening time. Beginning in February when most mandarins are in peak season Gold Nugget lasts until mid summer. That’s three to four months beyond the average Mandarin season! Gold Nugget maintains peak ripeness and quality with little or no granulation and holds on the tree until August or later. Planted in combination with other quality Mandarins Owari Satsuma (early) and Honey Mandarin (Mid season), one can expect to harvest mandarins for almost ten months out of the year!

Most mandarins take on the typical tangerine appearance, with a small stature and orange-red peel, but Gold Nugget mandarins look more like oranges. Named for their golden yellow-orange color and pebble-like rind, they’re closer to the size of an orange, with a circumference up to 2.5″. If you enjoy making your own freshly squeezed orange juice, this is the tree to own! Fair warning: juice squeezed from other oranges could forever fail in comparison!

For best results, plant in a sunny location in well-drained soil. Gold Nugget is compatible with most standard and semi-dwarf citrus rootstocks and can be easily maintained between 7 to 10 feet. Gold Nugget also makes a great container specimen.

If Gold Nugget plants are not available at your local garden centers, they can be found online at Four Winds Growers.

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