Seeds are produced in a four inch pod somewhat resembling a small mango. The seeds are fully mature in approximately twelve months regardless of whether or not the pod has changed color or split open. Seeds are tightly compacted in the center of the pod and can be removed in one compact bundle, each pod producing 70 to 100 flattened half-inch seeds. If the seeds are left to dry out, the bundle will begin to break up and silky ‘parachutes’ will begin to unfurl on each seed in the same manner as the related species, the American milkweed. Note that seeds propagate best if sown immediately upon opening the pod. Seeds should be sown under only enough soil to keep them moist, and kept in a well lighted place until germination. Fresh seeds will germinate in about seven days. The longer the seeds remain to dry outside the pod before sowing, the longer the germination time and the lower the propagation rate.

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