Until recently, harvesting fresh, sweet berries meant having to maintain a huge bramble patch.

by John Bagnasco

But now, berry breeders are introducing dwarf-sized plants that are perfect for pot culture. Containers elevate the plants, making them easier to access. and growing berries in containers also offers more control over the environmental conditions in which the plants are grown. It’s much easier to maintain the acid pH that blueberries require in containers.

Here are some varieties that are well-suited for pot culture:

Silver Dollar Blueberry – New in 2021, this cultivar has foliage eucalyptus-like foliage with hints of silver throughout the spring and early summer. It produces very large, sweet, pineapple flavored berries. Ripens in July and again in October.

Peach Sorbet – This compact blueberry is stunning with leaves that are peach, pink, orange and emerald green. Evergreen in warm climates, the winter leaves turn a rich eggplant purple.

Raspberry Shortcake – This revolutionary, thornless raspberry is compact and requires no staking. Its sweet, vanilla flavor is unique.

Baby Cakes – is a dwarf, thornless blackberry with, large, classic and sweet tasting berries. In most regions, this blackberry will produce twice in one season, unfortunately, most SoCal climates are too warm for this variety.

How to Grow Blueberries in Containers: Soil and Planting