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October gardens stand as a poignant testament to nature’s ever-evolving canvas. As the fiery hues of autumn begin to adorn the trees, the garden transitions from the exuberance of summer to a quieter, more reflective phase. Many perennials are putting on their final show, while fall-blooming plants like chrysanthemums and asters burst forth in a symphony of color. Vegetables like pumpkins, squashes, and root crops await harvest. The cooling temperatures beckon gardeners to prepare for the impending winter: collecting seeds, mulching, and ensuring that the soil and its inhabitants are ready for the colder months ahead. Amidst this change, the October garden offers a serene retreat, a place of beauty and contemplation, and a reminder of nature’s eternal cycles. Tiger is bringing in different gourds to discuss on this week’s show. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our 2024 Costa Rica trip from April 20-29.

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