jon corpse flower

The Titan Arum, or Corpse Flower, is a rare plant from Sumatra with a bloom reaching over eight feet tall. It emits a stench of rotting meat when it flowers.

The Titan Arum, Amorphophallus titanum, has been called the world’s largest flower, with a bloom that can grow to more than eight feet in height and four feet in diameter.

It is a rare tropical plant native to the equatorial rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia.

When in flower, it exudes a foul stench that smells like rotting meat.

For that reason, Indonesians call it Bunga Bangkai, which means “Corpse Flower.”

The plant grows from a large corm, a bulb-like tuber, under the soil.

The visible parts are the spadix (the fleshy upright column) and the spathe (the petal-like outer covering).

When the plant blooms, the spathe opens to reveal a velvety maroon interior and begins to emit a foul stench, earning it the nickname, “Stinky Plant.”

At the peak of its growth, the Stinky Plant can grow up to six inches a day!

The plant only blooms for 48 hours and John was able to view it at its peak last week in the San Diego Botanic Garden.

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