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Taunya Miller
Taunya Miller

Living in Seattle, Washington, one block from the year-round high-stall Pike Place Market, Taunya Miller found a nexus of artisans, fishmongers, cheese and wine shops, and local farmers that changed her concept of fresh food forever. “Even as the days and years passed by, the farmers were always there for me but I began to take them for granted. Ho-hum. Should I begin tonight’s dinner with a wild caprese salad with Green Zebra and KBX yellow heirlooms or a tossed Almond Mandarin with fresh greens? Then my boss transferred me and in a click of my heels, it was all gone and suddenly I was on my own. My cravings for Pike’s Market fare (You’re not in Seattle anymore, Taunya) turned into a vision of responsibility to grow as much as my own food as possible.”

Root Warrior introduces a central aeration chamber to eliminate the anaerobic bacteria (dead zone) in the center of pots and grow bags… others aerate from the container walls or not at all.  No other product channels oxygen to the root systems in pots, containers, grow bags, and raised bed gardens. Because our aeration chamber is angled at 15 degrees, it also mitigates excessive soil compaction, improving airflow. Works wonders in Raised Beds. Indoor/Outdoor. Year Round. 100% Food Safe. Easy to Use. Reusable. Recyclable.

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