So easy to make, but so delicious!

6 ounces semisweet chocolate chips (I use Guittard or Ghiradelli chocolate)
1 pound organic strawberries with stems (use toothpicks or a fondue fork to dip the strawberries in chocolate if there are no stems)
Double boiler
Wire rack
Optional: 3 ounces of white chocolate

1. Wash strawberries, paat dry with paper towels and set on wire rack
2. Using a double boiler, fill water about halfway in the bottom pot and bring to boil
3. Fill the top portion of the double boiler with the chocolate chips and stir until the chips have dissolved and stir until the chips have dissolved and the mixture is smooth
4. Dip strawberries in the melted chocolate and transfer to a wire rack
5. For a fancier look, drizzle melted white chocolate over the dark chocolate covered strawberries
6. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or more and serve