The African Bubblegum Tree, Thespesia garkeana, is a delight to any African youth that knows the sweet, sticky snotty fruit.

Also known as a Snot Apple, this gives you an idea of the texture of the fruit when eaten. The taste of the fruit is somewhat like a date, sweet and sticky. It quickly dissolves into a fibrous mat that can be chewed like bubblegum.

The flowers look like yellow hibiscus flowers and show the tree’s relationship to the hibiscus family. Growing to a height of 15-20′ with some specimens getting to 30′ tall.

The tree does well in a pot or as a bonsai, where it can be moved indoors over the coldest part of the year. The pulp is exceptionally high in mucilage and fiber and will greatly assist with digestion and bowel movement. The fruit of this tree has been ascribed many positive benefits, however, most have not been tested. The tree will grow well in USDA Zone 9b or greater. Trees can easily be grown from seed, which can be purchased from The Seedstead.

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African Bubblegum Fruit