The ROOT WARRIOR™ is equipped with oxygen exchange channels, which efficiently regulate the air and water equilibrium within the soil.

This ensures that the roots receive optimal microbial nutrition even in the deepest parts of the container or raised bed.

Thanks to its 15-degree angled aeration chamber, the ROOT WARRIOR™ effectively minimizes soil compaction and enhances air circulation. By preventing excessive water retention, it prevents waterlogged conditions that can lead to root drowning. The Root Warrior’s design enables continuous airflow, mitigating the risk of root damage that worsens with prolonged air deprivation.

When using the ROOT WARRIOR™, plants experience improved health due to its ability to redirect excess water away from the roots when overwatering occurs. This feature promotes healthier plant growth by preventing waterlogged conditions.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with this remarkable new product at Garden America! Stay tuned for our up-and-coming interview about this amazing product.

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