gardening fairy tale

A gardening fairy tale by John Bagnasco

In the quaint village of Ourgarde, nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant fields, there lived an elderly gardener named Elias. With a passion for nurturing life, Elias had transformed his modest plot of land into a breathtaking mosaic of colors and fragrances. Each plant and flower was tended with love.

As the ides of March approached, a time steeped in superstition and ancient lore, Elias embarked on a unique endeavor. He decided to sow a special garden, one that would bloom only on this fateful day, blending the ominous history of the ides with the nurturing spirit of gardening. He meticulously selected seeds that symbolized renewal and resilience—lilies for purity, roses for love and courage, and violets for loyalty and faith.

Daily, Elias toiled under the sun and moon, preparing the soil, planting the seeds, and whispering ancient incantations of growth and prosperity. He mixed traditional gardening wisdom with forgotten rituals, aiming to bridge the gap between the old and the new, between history and life. As the ides dawned, the villagers awoke to a spectacle unlike any other. Elias’s garden had blossomed overnight into an ethereal realm of beauty and enchantment. The air was thick with the fragrance of thousands of flowers, each petal shimmering with dew and the first light of dawn. The garden was a vivid tapestry of life, unfurling amidst the shadows of superstition and fear that had long clouded the ides.

As the sun set on March 15, Elias sat quietly amidst his flowers, a content smile playing on his lips. He had shown that even the most foreboding times could be met with beauty and grace. His garden was not just a place of physical beauty; it was a sanctuary for the soul, a place where the past and the present coexist in harmony.

And so, the ides of March were no longer just a day of caution and remembrance in Ourgarde. It became a day of celebration, of coming together to marvel at the resilience of life and the power of love and dedication. Elias’s garden, blooming resplendently on the ides, became a symbol of hope, a reminder that even in the darkest times, there is always the possibility for renewal and growth.

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