Gunnera Manicata
Photo: Gunnera Manicata - Wikimedia Commons

If you live in the temperate regions of northern Europe you might think that the world's largest leaf is produced by the giant ornamental rhubarb, Gunnera manicata.

In its native habitat of the Serra do Mar mountains of southeastern Brazil, the leaves can grow up to 6′ wide and 10′ long on 6′ high stalks. As impressive as it may be, it is really the world’s largest leaf? Well, that all depends on how measurements are taken. If largest is taken to mean longest, then the world’s largest leaf is the record-breaking Raphia regalis whose leaves can reach a record-breaking 76′ long by 9′ wide. However, this is not a solid leaf as they are divided and are made up of around 180 separate leaflets.