Beans or Lentil In Your Soup, The Perfect Recipe For Those Cold Winter Months

hot bean lentil soup
Soup - Photo: Steve Tsang - Unsplash

by Sharon Asakawa

Most of the time Rita Galchus, the author of Rita Galchus Homegrown Sprouts: A Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious Step-by-Step Guide to Sprouting Year Round, eats sprouts without any preparation, that is, she does not juice or dry them, but simply grows and eats them directly from the sprouter with a few exceptions. One of them is during the cold winter months, she makes a hot miso soup with bean sprouts and the following is a recipe from her book, Homegrown Sprouts.

“When beans are added to hot water they do not lose nutrition or enzymes the way they do when cooked for a long time over heat. Warmed up this way, beans may be easier to digest for some people. Miso is a fermented paste of soybeans, sometimes with rice or barley added…and can be found in the refrigerated section of health foods stores. Use darker miso for colder temperatures and light miso for warmer weather.”

tablespoon miso
1 cup hot water, almost but not yet boiling
¼ to ½ cup sprouted beans or lentils

Dissolve the miso in the hot water. Add the sprouted beans or lentils. Yield: 1 serving