During winter, many of you may have moved potted tropical plants indoors.

tropical plants indoors
Photo by Ron McClenny on Unsplash

For indoor winter tips for tropical plants to remember are:

  • Some LEAF DROP may be caused by lower air humidity, lower light and shorter days. This is normal considering seasonal environmental changes.
  • REDUCE WATERING in winter. Under lower light and in cooler temperatures, plants don't need much water; some plants go dormant and only need minimum water. Excess water may damage roots and kill a plant during winter.
  • NO FERTILIZER in winter. Active growth stops. Let the plant go into dormancy or simply have some rest.
  • Watch for INSECTS by inspecting leaves regularly. They may attack plants due to the indoor conditions. If you notice any insects, clean leaves with a solution of warm water, vegetable oil (or Neem oil) and a few drops of dish soap.
Tatiana Anderson
By Tatiana Anderson - Courtesy of TopTropicals.com