For the healthiest and most floriferous roses, follow this quick and easy formula. Your roses will thank you!
1 Cup…..Whitney Farms Rose and Flower Food
1 Cup……Milorganite
2 Cups….bacterially activated compost like Malibu Compost, Denali Gold or Worm Gold. Homemade compost is excellent.
1 Tbsp….Chelated iron 1 Tbsp….John& Bob’s Soil Optimizer
Mix the above ingredients into the soil for each established rose bush. Use half this amount for new roses or miniatures. This should be applied in February or March in mild-winter areas, but wait until April or May in colder winter regions.
STEP TWO: 1 tsp./gal…..Liquid kelp or a comparable liquid organic.
Use this solution to water in the dry ingredients that have already been mixed around the rose. One gallon of solution will take care of 2-4 rose bushes.
STEP THREE: Mulch…..Good organic mulch such as Whitney Farms Planting Compost (not manure); apply a 2 to 3-inch layer around each plant.
STEP FOUR: Use a liquid kelp solution at least once a month or every 2 weeks for lush growth.
*For a time-saving option, use Bayer Advanced All in One Rose and Flower Care, a systemic insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer that is mixed with water and poured around the base of each plant