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Naoko Zaima
Naoko Zaima

Naoko Zaima is from Japan but now lives in Santa Monica, CA, where she teaches classes on creating ikebana arrangements and sells her projects in local stores. She has also recently started a minimalist jewelry business called The Sheek.

Her new book, Inspired Ikebana: Modern Design Meets the Ancient Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement is perfect for anyone interested in historic culture, flower arranging, Japanese art, or minimalist decorating. This guide is a modern take on a centuries-old art. It’s filled with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that allow you to create stunning decor and learn how to make floral arrangements in various Ikebana styles using both fresh and dried flowers.

Join your garden buddies as they discover modern Ikebana, to form and cultivate internal peace and creativity with our guest.

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