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Hurricane Hilary is coming! In this episode, we answer your gardening questions.

No guests today, but we want to share a new rose book. Roses in the Fire of Spring records the epic journey, spanning more than half a century, of world-renowned rose hybridizers M.S. ‘Viru’ Viraraghavan and his wife Girija , in their efforts to create roses better suited for warm climates. This account is part-travelogue and memoir. Readers are taken from continent to continent, up mountains, through forests, across oceans and rivers, from Uruguay to Japan, and from Germany to Australia as they plant-hunt, meet celebrated rosarians, and view some of the world’s most famous gardens. Replete with horticultural insight, engaging sidelights from their life and photograph the book presents a list of future possibilities in rose breeding in places as diverse as China, subtropical Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A must-have book for hobbyists, garden enthusiasts, and professional plant hybridizers alike – for that matter, anyone concerned about the fragile environment of our planet. Btw, don’t be scared by the Amazon price of the book, It’s in Indian rupees. The cost is about $35.

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