Antonio Stradivari
Photo: Antonio Stradivari - Wikimedia Commons

There are 650 instruments made by Antonio Stradivari, the master violin-maker, that survive today and they sell for millions of dollars.

Fortunately, the spruce tree forest where Stradivari got his lumber is still flourishing in the Italian Alps. It is known as “Il Bosco Che Suona,” the musical woods. In the nearby Fiemme Valley, there is a community of instrument makers who continue to create them in the same way as Antonio Stradivari. It takes months to complete a single instrument and can retail for over $10,000. While this may seem expensive, a Stradivarius can sell for over $10 million. Before a tree is cut down, the community’s local forest service makes sure there are tiny saplings surrounding it. When the adult tree is removed, it allows more sun in and helps the baby saplings to mature. In the future, these saplings may become musical instruments as well.