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Melissa Canales
Melissa Canales

Quantum Microgreens was started by my husband and I in early 2017. I had been practicing law with a non-profit legal services organization, Learning Rights Law Center. I’d started with the non-profit, while I was still in law school at Loyola Law in Los Angeles. After a few years of practicing, I left to work for a Native American Tribe in Northern California and then circled back around to do work again for Learning Rights. I primarily practiced special education law, representing students with disabilities and their parents. Though I was very passionate about helping special needs students with their legal struggles, I realized that it was time for a change. My husband, ever so supportive, pushed me to think about what I really wanted to do. Actually, what I wanted to do made no sense– I wanted to spend time working with my hands in nature. Particularly, growing food. But, moving to the country and starting a farm just did not make sense for us. Not only that, but I didn’t picture myself kneeling through rows of crops.
I’ve always been interested in science– I have an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley. (Don’t ask me to calculate any equations, I think law school pushed all that knowledge out of my brain!). I loved observing nature, practicing trial and error in my home garden, and experimenting with different plants.

I’d become interested in microgreens because of the variety of flavors, and the ability to grow a lot of food in a small space. Not to mention the fast turnaround times for growing microgreens– about a week for some varieties. I started making spreadsheets about seed-to-plant ratios, grow times, and how different growing mediums affected microgreens.
I began to realize that I could, in a limited urban space, actually, grow a good quantity of fresh local foods. From there, Quantum Microgreens became a reality.

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